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Is UFun a Scam or Ponzie Scheme?



Is UFun a Scam or Ponzie Scheme?
The DSI ( Department of Special Investigations ), in Thailand, were so concerned with the amount of Money flowing into the UFUN Bank account from outside sources, That they decided to investigate UFUN and UToken for fraudulent activities.
Now, The DSI are a brutal organization (makes the SEC look like a Bingo League).
They entered the UFUN offices with their investigators and Troops to confiscate all documents pertaining to the UTOKEN Business Opportunity, hoping to find proof of Fraud or Ponzie type activity.

What they found was that UFUN and the UTOKEN were completely Legitiment...
No Fraud, No Ponzie
AND...Were given the "Green Light" to continue doing business and offer the UTOKEN to the Public.

Now we have the Greatest Business opportunity for 2015 declared completely "Above Board"
The Time is Now...The Timing is perfect...
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UFun Scam
UFUN a Ponzie Scheme
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