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uFun Club Review - NON Affiliate! Is There A uFun Club Scam? Warning!



uFun Club Review – My blog post:

Ok, I have to first of all state that I am NOT promoting uFun Club. This is an unbiased review unlike a lot of the uFun Club Reviews out there.

I decided to investigate the business because lots of people were pitching it to me.

I give full info and training at my blog post at the link above. I give information about the compensation plan and business opportunity.

The worst thing I found first was the fact that they are hiding the business opportunity aspect. The authorities will not like it.

Also, it’s very vague who actually runs the business and all we have is a mysterious Mr Huang who allegedly created this system.

We know nothing about uFun Club.

The next problem is that there is no proper product that can be sold. You are simply recruiting new affiliates and this is seen as illegal.

For a business opportunity to be legit, there must be some products that can be sold on a retail basis. However, there isn’t. The uToken is simply a method of getting people to invest.

Here is a video summary:

0:21 This is an unbiased uFun club review
2:32 And what about the uFun Club Compensation plan
3:12 So, is there a uFun Club scam or not?
5:30 Is there a uFun Club pyramid scheme?

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The uFun compensation plan is very complicated. It’s certainly possible to earn a lot of money but it’s a risky business. It could be shutdown at any time due to its obvious lack of a retailable product.

For the reasons I have stated, I don’t recommend joining uFun Club. It doesn’t have a proper product and looks like it could easily get shutdown.

So, you may ask if there is a uFun scam or not?

Well, I suppose it isn’t really a scam. However, uFun looks a bit illegal.

It operates as a pyramid scheme from the looks of it.

I recommend grabbing my free training series where I show a better opportunity that is actually legal!

Also, see my other videos that should help with this

I hope this video was helpful!

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uFun Club Review