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What is UTOKEN?

It is a digital Token used globally tapping on the advantage of Internet.

There are several methods. You can do

* Trading globally at
* Transfer directly from person to person.
* Medium of barter of exchange
* Investment growth opportunity
* Presenting as a gift
* Charity as a donation purpose.


It is issued by UTOKEN Reserve Limited. It is controlled by International Board members consisted of Bankers and Managers with commitment to grow it’s reserve ratio with structured management of proven management.

With every UTOKEN issued out in the market, 22% of the value would be reserved as liquidity to form reserve and formed compliance to the BASEL guidelines.*

UTOKEN is deposited in a fiduciary bank who manages UTOKEN trust account where it is fully insured by Grade A insurance company.

Basically the fiduciary bank maintains deposits on behalf of UTOKEN Reserve, thus creating safe record keeping which would allow safe credit rating.

Pledged by recognized banks:

1. UDBP Bank : Website:
2. BDG Bank: Website:
3. NICO Financial

*What is BASEL Guidelines:
It is a comprehensive set of international regulatory framework for banks.

Quoted from:

UFUN Reserve Limited is working towards being a recognised international Digital currency that pledge it’s real values by collateral gold to World Bank and will be one of the world’s most trusted digital currency in the world.

By having a strong commitment to grow the company to be a public listed company, UFUN has set itself by growing its international brand of digital currency over time and to share the wealth and growth towards all UTOKENS holder.

Growing Globally

Expanding extensively into the global platform, UTOKENS has developed its infrastructure to enable instant payment to anyone, anywhere in the world, reaching out easily in the near future. It is no bounded by any restrictions or countries for the people resided, as it is internationally recognized by any countries that have internet access. This easily explains the greatest potential to people who are keen to exploit on this opportunity to grow and expand their wealth in due time to come.

Why must you buy UTOKENS ?

Due to it’s impending appreciation factor, in the global trading market. It appreciates with trading, exchanging, foreign exchange growth exponentially.


It’s value depends strongly on the market flow with limited supply of the UTOKEN supply, hence profit can be made with Demand superseding supply in the global market.

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