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What is UTOKEN?

UTOKEN is a digital medium of exchange which can be used globally with the advantage of Internet.

How do i get UTOKEN?

You may send your details to us as we may assist in getting you enrolled into our programme.

What are the benefits of UTOKEN?

UToken can be used globally in-line with the current era of e-commerce through many ways. It is highly accepted because of its Investment growth opportunity. Utoken is also widely used as an online payment method. You can transfer your UToken to interested parties, present your UToken as a gift, charity to the welfare organization & many more…

Is UTOKEN safe?

UTOKEN is currently the only digital currency backed by 3 financial banks which are regulated.

Can i sell my UTOKEN?

Yes, you may choose to sell UTOKEN anytime, however charges do applies. Please check with our consultant.

Can i encash UTOKEN to money?

Yes, it is possible. You can trade to sell your UTOKEN units. Upon successful transaction, you are able to withdraw UTOKEN to cash in your bank account.

Join our Billionaire Global Team with our 22,000 members

How do i keep track of UTOKEN value and movement.
By logging to our system, you are able to track instantly on the price movement of UTOKEN's value.

How do I get more UTOKEN?

Once you joined, you may choose to buy more in terms of package or get UTOKENs from our internal group members.

Is it just for member or public?

Effectively from 19th March 2014, UTOKEN is open for public that owns a registered account. You may choose to check with us how to enroll as an account.

Can i register more than 1 account?

Yes, definitely, you are able to register with more than 1 account. Please refer to terms and conditions as well.

Why do i need UTOKEN?

Beside personal wealth growth, it is used to accommodate the current era of E-Commerce. Moreover, UToken can be bartered into any goods and services & linked with many other applications.

Are there promotions of UTOKEN?

Yes, you may wished to check with our consultants for more details.

Can I transfer UTOKEN to other people?

Yes, you will be able to transfer to your UToken to any members or even public with a minimal fee implementation. Currently there are no restriction to the number of units that you want to transfer to any party that possesses UToken account.

What are the charges that take place when I successfully sold my UTOKEN?

10%: would be the admin/processing fee,
90%: 70% – Cash Withdrawal to your account options available
30% – Back U-Point. You can use this to purchase UToken at the current rate

How many UTOKENS are available as of June 2014?

600 million UToken. In 2013, there were only 100million of UTokens available. After the 1st bonus/dividend declaration, the unit has increased to 300million, and after the 2nd bonus/dividend declaration the unit has increased to 600million UToken Units.

Join our Billionaire Global Team with our 22,000 members